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Our company BYLSA DRILLING provides drilling services in a variety of environments, ranging from typical exploration sites to extreme topographic conditions, always with the highest standards of quality and safety, we have the ability to solve complex problems both social and legal, we have a total commitment to caring for the environment, ensuring that the impact is minimal or zero.

We specialize in operations within zones that are catalogued by the Mexican Federal Government as "Protected Natural Areas", being the FIRST AND ONLY drilling company that operates under these environmental care standards, as we have found the balance between conservation and the development of productive activities. For more than 10 years, we have diversified and participated in the development and definition of mineral resources for mining projects that are located in the first places of importance in terms of their economic potential.



To achieve customer satisfaction through our innovative, committed and high quality services, at the same time that we develop our activities with the utmost respect for the environment, with technology, which places us as world leaders in our specialty.


To be a Mexican company of recognized national and international prestige, that leads the drilling services using technological innovation, competent personnel, frontier knowledge and focused on satisfying with efficiency and quality the requirements of our clients. Also seeking to maintain the balance of our activity with the conservation of the environment.

Bylsa drilling collaborators

Anyone with experience in drilling operations knows that a successful drilling company is much more than just machinery, but that the success of the drilling company depends on the people that make it up.

In Bylsa Drilling our commitment is to safeguard the safety of our collaborators, offering them a dignified and safe work environment, where they can develop their work, because our motto is "The safety of one is the safety of all".

Part of our work consists of how we can serve and protect our environment, minimize the ecological impact, implement reforestation and social projects that boost our communities, create bonds with the people and work as a team.

Our values reflect the integrity, which as a company we apply in our day to day. Following standards and protocols of business ethics fighting against corruption and social and administrative injustices that we live in our country.

Our job is to grow as a great company, which not only seeks to be a leader in its sector but also seeks the growth of its collaborators, suppliers and the societies with which we work, creating a social and ecological balance.

La Quintera Project

Community relations

For Bylsa Drilling to have the support and collaboration of the communities where we work is very important for our success and in this way collaborate with the success of our customers and the surrounding communities, to achieve this it is very important for us to perform positive actions in support of the community such as environmental care through the implementation of the Environmental Education Program with which Bylsa Drilling has directed to children, respect for all people, driving respectfully, supporting with water pipes in the communities that require it, giving donations in kind when natural disasters occur, training local people to join the company, among many others, are some of the positive actions of the company to create awareness, trust, friendship and bring economic benefits to the local community.

Work in Natural Protected Area

Our company Bylsa Drilling before starting exploration and activities has proposed as part of its internal policy to comply with all federal, state and municipal permits and authorizations, with emphasis on promoting environmental sustainability of its operations in its works and activities, that is, to carry out environmentally clean activities in its operations, to promote among its operators the protection and conservation of natural resources, to contribute with the administration of Protected Natural Areas in its programs and objectives, and to fully comply with the environmental regulations in force and applicable to the type of works that are carried out.

Drilling services


  • Diamond Core Drilling (underground and surface)
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling
  • Directional Drilling


  • Core Orientation
  • Borehole Path Measurement
  • Drill Hole Deviation Surveys
  • Production Drilling

Water services

  • Water Extraction
  • Water Recirculation Systems
  • Water Monitoring Wells
  • Water Supply Wells

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